Burlington, Iowa Wedding Photography - Kevin and Kay ~ Married

This weekend I got to travel to Burlington, Iowa to see my Iowa friends and photograph my dear friend Kay's wedding...and my husband got to eat his beloved chicken lips at Martini's again at long last, but that is another story.

I met Kay when we were assigned to be roommates when we both worked at Deer Valley Ranch in the mountains of Colorado. She is full of personality and I knew from the moment I met her that she was going to be fun and, at the very least, it was going to be an interesting summer. I had no idea that she would turn into such a great friend. Through Kay, and visits to Iowa, I have met a lot of her friends and family who are all just as lovely inside and out. One of theses friends was Kevin, whom Kay has known since she was young. They are so in love and so good for each other. I liked the description Kevin gave one day when he said that Kay was like a kite fluttering about on a windy day and he was the boy holding the string anchoring them to the ground. It is a great analogy for their relationship. They are such a quality couple who are so fun and I wish them all the best.  

Kay loves everything country, and even makes her own handmade country crafts that she sells on www.Etsy.com, her name is CrossingFences, if you would like to check out her work :-) Her handmade touches were evident in everything from the ring bearer's pillow that she handmade to the flowers and the decorations for the reception. Everything about the day just said country elegance from her lace dress to the flowers and the wonderful country stone church that was built in 1855. It was everything that I would picture of a fairytale wedding for Kay. Even though it rained, we still made the most of the day and had a great time. Enjoy the samples of the wedding below.  



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