Austin's Flowers

I feel as though God as blessed me with many talents. However, I have resolved to come to terms with the fact that I am not a gardener, and will never successfully make any plant happily grow. I have even killed a cactus and a bamboo plant. Both were gifts from Austin with the thought that I couldn't possibly kill them. Boy did he underestimate me. The final nail was put in the coffin this last spring when, in one final effort to possibly have a vegetable garden, I started some seeds in egg cartons. I carefully planted and labeled the seeds in hopes of growing my own produce in the backyard this summer. I think the hardiest of the seedlings may have lasted about four weeks and grew to about 3 inches. I give up. Luckily, I am blessed that my husband enjoys gardening and is much better at it than I will ever be. I wanted to share a couple of shots of some beautiful flowers that are now blooming in front of our house. This plant looked like a giant weed before it bloomed, but it is now blooming and they are quite lovely.

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