Fred and Jessica | Owensboro, Kentucky Wedding Photographer

"I've heard about you." That's what Fred said to Jessica, the first time they met. 

Jessica and a friend decided to stop by a pool party of a mutual friend after the party was well underway. After grabbing a drink and sitting down at a table near the pool where Fred already happened to be, he charmed her with those words then walked away. Actually, he confused and angered her more than anything. She didn't speak to him anymore that night, but did keep running into him following the party. Every time she saw him, she would ask what he had heard about her, but he never told her. Somewhere along her quest to discover what it was that he had heard about her, they started hanging out more and then began dating. Two and a half years after than night at the pool party, they became engaged at Christmas time. 

Oh yeah, guess what Fred had heard about Jessica? ...Nothing. Sneaky, Fred, sneaky...

They got married on July 7th, near Owensboro, Kentucky, on a day where the heat index was only 110 degrees, and the air conditioning went out at the church. They took it all in stride and made an emergency switch to another church. Here are a few sample pictures from their day. 

They had their first look at the alter of the church. I love the time a couple has together during their first look. Their faces are priceless. 

While Austin was getting the shot above. I was getting this shot:

You can see in his face how much he loves her!

I love the beautiful blue accents and peacock feathers that they used. 

Remember, the heat index was 110 degrees. They were such troopers. 

I just love how happy she looks. 

There were so many kids at this wedding that had better dance moves than me! This little guy was the ring bearer and was excited all day about dancing at the reception. 

We had a great time with Fred and Jessica and wish them a long and happy marriage.

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