The Perfect Proposal

His palms were sweaty and his heart was beating so hard he thought it might jump out of his throat. With every step he took, the small box in his pocket rubbed his leg, only making his symptoms more severe. The nerves in his head were trying every angle to talk him out of completing this task that would set the course for the rest of his life. 


Is this the scene you see in your head as you are planning a proposal that is special and tells your story? With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I wanted to put a few tips out there for all of those guys who will be using the holiday as a romantic canvas for popping the question. The only way I felt as though I could give you advice on this topic was to ask Austin to contribute. So, here are some tips from Austin and I to help you nail that proposal. 

All of these tips are assuming that you have both discussed getting married, are both on the same page, plan to marry each other, and the time is right. This is also assuming that you have done the leg work ahead of time, like talk to her father or other appropriate people in her big deal, right?


1. Make it Special

Assuming that you are planning to marry this girl, I would hope you know her style. You know whether she would prefer an announcement in front of the world at a professional sports game or a private proposal on a hike in the woods. Think about your relationship and what speaks to the both of you. Just make it special because it is a story that you will be telling to a lot of people. 

2. Committment

Marriage is serious business. Before you pop the question, be sure that you are ready to commit. Remember the vows that you will say: For better or for worse. 

In sickness or in health. 

It's for real and no joke.

3. The Ring

First of all, it is not about the ring. If you as a couple have decided that you will be giving rings and she would like an engagement ring, make sure that you know her style. We have seen so many beautiful rings and rings with great stories. Maybe there is a family heirloom ring that she would like to wear for her engagement ring, or maybe modern and classy is more her style. We photographed a couple who choose to make their own rings. Just remember, if you do choose rings. You will be wearing them for a very long time. Make sure she likes pressure :-)

4. Keep it a Secret 

Don't tell anyone except who maybe absolutely necessary about exactly how and when you will propose. Austin is still frustrated about how his plans were let out of the bag a little early. I think it's a funny story. Maybe I'll tell you about it sometime. 

5. Celebrate! 

After she says yes, celebrate! Tell your family and friends! They want to share in your joy and help how they can. Let the wedding planning begin, and give us a call :-) 

Guys, take a deep breath. The hard part is over. Now, you get to give your opinion on cake flavors!

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