Winter and Rainy Day Weddings

Don't think that just because your wedding date is in the winter, or that it happens to be raining that you can't have great outside shots on your wedding day. 

Although, if the location lends itself to it, we will get a few more indoor shots than we would on a lovely spring day, winter and rainy days can provide a unique backdrop all their own. 


Not only that, we love the look that you get with outdoor images. Even the most grand and beautiful venues can't provide the same feel and lighting as we can find outside. After all, it is your wedding day and we do everything we can to provide you with memories through images that you will love for a lifetime.

There are a few tips to help keep yourself comfortable as we take some shots outdoors on a day that isn't exactly bright, sunny, and warm. 

1. A great attitude. Although we know after photographing several weddings that the bride and grooms are almost always the most excited about the images that we take outside, we aren't going to force you. Just remember, when you are looking at the images a few weeks after the wedding, your rose colored glasses will help you forget how cold it was. 

We love couples and wedding parties who have great attitudes not matter what the weather. It makes for a great day for everyone!

Quiz: What do you think the temperature was when we took these shots? 


If you guessed a lovely 78 degrees, you are quite wrong. It was 40, and windy. I had about three layers of clothes on and gloves, but these girls were rocking it in their super cute, but not very warm dresses. They were awesome. We had a great day. They did schedule plenty of time for pictures, which allowed for lots of hot chocolate warm up breaks.

AND, if you don't believe me. Here is a shot of some of the grandparents at the wedding. Yes, it was outside too.


2. A the very least, have a coat to throw on in between shots to help keep yourself warm. A cute shawl that is picture worthy will help a bit, but if you have a coat that you don't mind wearing over your dress for a few shots, that is cute, too, and will keep you warmer.


3. Especially if your dress is long, have some warm boots to wear for the outside shots. We can take along your cute shoes for a few pictures, but for most of the shots, your feet won't be showing anyway. Trust me, you'll be glad your feet are warm and dry. Here are a couple of examples where she is wearing some nice warm boots and no one has to know. 


4. Mind the Flowers. I will not make you take your flowers outside if there is a chance that they will not do well in the cold, especially if it is before the ceremony. If you would like to have your flowers with you for our outside shots on a cold day, speak with your florist about flowers that will hold up well in the cold.


I hope this helps as you plan your winter wedding and helps you not to panic as you see rain in the forecast for your wedding day. I hope as we move to Georgia, the winter part will become less of an issue ;-) But, as always, we are available for travel, even to cold places in the winter. 

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