Harvest, Country Chic Fall Wedding | Chris & Jessica

We really enjoyed traveling from Atlanta back to our home state of Indiana, especially since it was during our favorite time of the year, harvest time in the fall! Chris and Jessica's fall wedding incorporated so many cute details that came together to make a great country chic fall wedding. 

We love their story as well. How much better than it get to finally marry that boy from down the street that you have known your whole life? They live in the town of Earl Park, Indiana near Fowler and just north of Lafayette. We loved the closeness of the community and how they all came together to celebrate Chris and Jessica's love.  

Here are a few samples from their day.  

Atlanta Wedding Photographer_www.ErikaBrownPhotography.com_0058.jpg

You could really tell how much time and effort was put into decorating for their day with all of the great details. We also really loved the beautiful cake from Mammaw's Sweet Shop in Lafayette. They always do a fantastic job!

Atlanta Wedding Photographer_www.ErikaBrownPhotography.com_0059.jpg

So many of the elements from their day had special meaning: everything from the John Deere garter to the broaches in the bouquet.  

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