Cathedral Wedding & Backyard Reception: Bruce + Ann

They shared classes together while they studied music at Morehead State University, but it wasn't until invited to a Halloween party that they started to take notice of each other. After carving pumpkins and sharing the traditional Halloween festivities, they went their separate ways... until Christmas when Ann received a call from Bruce that would begin their journey that would lead down the aisle. 

They were married on a lovely May day in Lafayette, Indiana. Their vows were said at the beautiful St. Mary's Cathedral followed by a quaint reception full of DIY details in Ann's grandparent's backyard. 

Ann created this unique and beautiful bouquet out of brooches. It was such a cool idea, but it sure was a muscle builder. It was heavier than my camera!


Bruce and Ann-0002.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0001.jpg

The bride and groom decided to do a first look, and later told us they were so happy that they choose to have a first look. We love that! Their faces when they see each other for the first time on their wedding day are so precious.

Bruce and Ann-0004.jpg

After their first look, we had plenty of time to go over to a local park to get some pictures to show off their personalities. 

Bruce and Ann-0005.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0006.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0008.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0010.jpg

St. Mary's in Lafayette is so stunning!

Bruce and Ann-0011.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0012.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0020.jpg

We always love the first dance. Bruce and Ann were awesome. They showed off their sweet dance skills.  

The reception was lovely right down to all of the details. There were so many great venders to help make it a success. We all enjoyed an amazing dinner from D & R Market in Lafayette. Check out the beautiful cake from Baker's Peak. They did a fantastic job. It was mighty yummy!

Bruce and Ann-0014.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0021.jpg

Ann was able to share a sweet dance with her father followed by Bruce sharing a dance with his mother.  You can see how much they care about each other.

Bruce and Ann-0022.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0023.jpg
Bruce and Ann-0025.jpg