Indiana Engagement | Wes + Janae

I enjoyed a perfect late September day in Central Indiana with this wonderful couple who are truly lovely inside and out. We met in their hometown of Danville, Indiana to celebrate their engagement and visit some of their favorite locations. 

Wes & Janae have known each other since the second grade, and in recent years, their relationship has grown into a beautiful love story. 

Wes plays soccer for Huntington University, so we began on the soccer fields.  

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We were fortunate to get to use this awesome vintage truck to get a few shots. It was perfect. Wes sings and plays the guitar, and Janae loves that about him. What a sweet moment to listen to a song on the tailgate. 

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Wes used the cover of a picnic to propose to Janae, so we recreated a picnic complete with Janae's grandmother's picnic basket that he used. 

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We also brought along Janae's grandmother's bicycle, and while we were playing around with that, we received some visitors. Can you see the deer in the background of the picture on the right? 

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We are looking forward to traveling back up to Indiana from Atlanta for Wes and Janae's wedding this spring at the lovely Pavilion Center in Avon . I know it will be a wonderful day celebrating their beautiful relationship.