Chattahoochee River Engagement | Taylor + Daphne

They went to college together, and one day during their freshman year Taylor decided it was time to make his move. He spotted Daphne smoking and went over to ask for a cigarette. It was a smooth idea except she noticed that he had a full pack in is pocket. Oops... 

Even though he was totally busted, that question ultimately lead them to counting down the days until their wedding. Along with giving up smoking in favor of healthier habits, they love to spend time together hanging out and enjoying life. One of their favorite memories was spent on the Chattahoochee River swinging from a rope swing. So for their Engagement Session, we went back there, and here are a few pictures from that day. 


I had a great time documenting their engagement and we wish them the best of luck as they plan their wedding for this summer.