Do you know about our amazing Registry & Gift Certificate Program? | Indianapolis & Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Your guests are so excited for your big day and to buy you a gift to help celebrate your wedding. In fact, if you haven't registered yet, it is so much fun to go around the store with the little scan gun, or cruise the websites of your favorite websites to make your registry list. 

 Erika Brown Photography | Georgia and Destination Wedding Photography

While, I know your guests are so excited to get you items that will jump start your married life, they also want to get you something that you will cherish. We know that you value the photography for your wedding day, because those are what you will have to preserve the memories of the day and show future generations. So, we want to provide your guests with a way to provide you with a wedding collection you will love, additional photos, albums, wall art, and other items to help you preserve  and display your wedding memories. 

Simply share our registry site with your friends and family and we will take care of the rest. We even make it easy to do that by providing you, upon request, with personalized cards to distribute.

Any gift certificates that are purchased may be used toward unpaid balances on the collection that you have chosen, albums, wall art, prints, or any other products that we offer. 

The gift certificates also make a great gift for your parents or anyone else who would enjoy pictures of your wedding day. It's a wonderful way to say thank you. 

We hope that our Registry Program helps you from anything from stretching your photography budget to allowing you to purchase some fun extra all while allowing your guests to purchase something you will cherish forever. 

Check it out and start sharing with your friends and family!